Uri terror strike outcome of frustration, those responsible will be punished: Amit Shah

Uri terror strike outcome of frustration, those responsible will be punished: Amit Shah

Describing the Uri terror strike a transit destination in the “war” forced on India by Pakistan, the Bhartiya Janata Party president Amit Shah on Sunday said that the attack was an outcome of frustration after security forces foiled 17 infiltration attempts and that the final victory will belong to India.

In his inaugural address at the party’s National Council, Shah echoed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s view that those responsible for the terror strike will surely be punished, adding the country is committed to giving a strong reply to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism.

Speaking at the party’s NC meet in Kozhikode, Shah said the party feels the widespread anger in the country as he hit out at Pakistan and supported the Modi government’s diplomatic efforts to corner the neighbour. He later made a separate statement on the raging issue with the Prime Minister and entire top brass of the party present on the dais.

“BJP feels the widespread anger in the people against the conspirators behind the Uri terror attack. BJP and the central government have adopted the policy of zero tolerance against terrorism from the beginning. A strong reply to defeat such terror attempts will be given. 117 terrorists, which is the highest in recent times, have been killed in the last 8 months as the Centre started its strategic and strong fight against terrorism.

“Terrorists have made 17 attempts to infiltrate across the border in the last eight months but our brave soldiers have foiled them. The Uri attack has been carried out due to this frustration. This is a long war which has been forced on us by our neighbour. Uri is only its transit destination and not the final outcome. The final victory will be ours,” he said.

“The country is committed to giving a strong reply to this Pakistan-sponsored terrorism,” he said asserting that it is no less than a war crime if terrorism becomes part of a government’s policy.

His remarks came after Modi tore into Pakistan over the incident, saying India will not forget it but indicated that his government’s focus will be on isolating Pakistan diplomatically.

The party fully supports the government’s diplomatic efforts to expose Pakistan, he said, adding that it has succeeded in showing the country’s true face to the world.

Shah noted that Modi has assured the people that those behind the incident will be punished. “However long is the battle, we will fight it and the victory will be ours.”

He appealed to the people and other political parties to support the Centre and the Army in this battle.

The world is shocked at Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s reference to Hizbul Mujahideen militant Burhan Wani as a “peace-loving youth”and it is an evidence of that country’s involvement in terrorism, he said.

India has long been a victim of Pakistan’s sponsorship of terrorism and faced several small and big terror attacks in the last many years. “Pakistan has become a centre of global terrorism,” he said.

Shah also reiterated government’s stand that Pakistan is behind the ongoing agitation in the Kashmir valley, BJP chief Amit Shah on Sunday said that there would be no dialogue with those who don’t have faith in the Indian Constitution.



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